Monday, December 19, 2011

How to remove facebook virus posting on your friends profiles

If you’re facing the problem with automatic (nude) video posts on your friends walls, it is being done through the extension installed on your browser.

So the solution to remove this facebook virus is to remove / uninstall the extension. Extension is named “YouTube Premium“.

Google Chrome: Goto Tools > Extensions and remove the extension youtube premium from there

Mozilla Firefox: Goto Tools > Addons > Extensions and remove the addon “youtube premium”

Hopefully this will resolve the issue of facebook virus posting nude video link on your friends walls from your name!

and yes next time think twice before clicking on such links.

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  1. mark zukerberg turned 28 today and he is doing fine.
    I think we should also do fine and slow down our use of facebook for a while.

    This will minimize all possibilities of viruses and spams.

    In the meantime i request you to feature my blog in your blog posts.
    this is a sincere request.